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Unformatted text preview: Conditional Tense Conditional Tense Regular Grammar essential # 104 Conditional Tense Regular Conditional Tense Regular ► Frequently, the conditional is used to express probability, possibility, wonder or conjecture, and is usually translated as would, could, must have or probably. Conditional Tense Regular Conditional Tense Regular ► When using this you are saying “would + verb” ► To make the conditional tense conjugation, Add the conditional endings to the infinitive. ► There are only one set of endings. Because you are using the infinitive, you don’t have to differentiate among the three infinitive endings. ► CAREFUL! Watch for the difference between imperfect and conditional tenses. ► There are irregulars though (see #102) Conditional Tense Regular endings Conditional Tense Regular endings ­ía ­ íamos ­ ías ­ íais ­ ía ­ ían mirar – to see mirar – to see miraría miraríamos mirarías miraríais miraría mirarían beber = to drink beber = to drink bebería beberíamos beberías beberíais bebería beberían vivir = to live vivir = to live viviría viviríamos vivirías viviríais viviría vivirían ...
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