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Unformatted text preview: Past/Imperfect Progressive Past/Imperfect Grammar essential #113 Past Progressive Past What is it? It is used when action was happening in It the past. the Just like present progressive has a Just formula, past progressive does too. formula, The rules for past progressive are the The same as present progressive. same Formula: estar (imperfect tense) + present Formula: participle. participle. Past progressive Past Formula Formula – Estar (imperfect tense) + present participle Estar in the imperfect tense. estaba estabas estaba estábamos estabais estaban Translate: – She was cleaning. To clean = limpiar Estar (imperfect tense) + present participle Ella estaba limpiando. If you have forgotten how to form the present participles, please refer back to grammar concepts 39, 40, 41, and 42. grammar Past progressive Past Remember when adding direct objects, Remember indirect objects, and reflexive pronouns, you add them to the end of the present participle and add an accent on the a of -ando and the e of -iendo or -yendo. ndo Past Progressive Past How do you use past progressive with How reflexives? reflexives? How would you conjugate ducharse in the How tú of the past progressive? Remember it is the same as adding an Remember object as far as the addition of an object. The difference is that you have to make the reflexive pronoun agree. the ...
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