Intergenerational transmission of HIV

Intergenerational transmission of HIV - areas are able to...

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Intergenerational transmission of HIV 1. Definition-Dupas’s experiment studied the role of relative risk info (“Sugar daddy information”) on lowering HIV. It turns out that having sex with older men increases transmission of HIV. To study if knowing the risk decreases HIV transmission, half of the teachers were chosen to receive training on HIV/ abstinence only curriculum, and other schools were chosen for Sugar Daddy talks. Dupas studied schools who did not get treatment due to the Hawthorne effect, which occurs when subjects change their behavior because they are studied, not because of intervention. This is one example of randomized experiment and how it can be used in development policies. Urban bias Definition- refers to a political economy argument according to which economic development is hampered by groups who, by their central location in urban
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Unformatted text preview: areas, are able to pressure governments to protect their interests ● Source-Lecture, I think it was also mentioned in Deaton ● Compared to rural people, city dwellers are: ○ Better educated ○ Better able to organize ○ Closer to the government ○ More politically dangerous! ● POLICIES BIASED TOWARDS URBAN CLASSES ● Urban Bias and agriculture ○ Industry wants low food prices ■ Export controls/taxes, price ceiling ○ This makes urban bias even worse ■ Underinvestment in agriculture ■ Political power “locked in” to cities ● Significance-- Vicious cycle- start off with artificially low prices on food, can’t make any money on agriculture, so they move to the cities, and then while at the cities they demand low agricultural prices. This is the urban bias cycle....
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