Ethnicity - Ethnicity social sanctions & social...

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Source: Miguel Definition: Social sanctions works within the limit of social networks. This means that within an ethnic community or social groups, accountability can b achieved through social sanctions, meaning that tighter relationships that characterize one social community are tighter, leading to a faster flow of information between coethnics. Someone knows someone who knows you, therefore you can be found if you fail in paying or reimursing someone. This will lead the person to be ashamed and to suffer social sanctions, which may lead other people to not want to get in business with them and so on. Therefore accountability is maintained through social sanctions. Example- Tanzania can be seen as an example. it successfully promoted communication and cooperation between different ethnic groups, without jeapardizing indigenous cultures and languages. Significance- it becomes difficult to sustan social sanctions across ethnic groups in areas where members of different groups do not have frequent or intimate social interactions. By promoting dialogue and interaction among the leaders of distinct ethnic
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Ethnicity - Ethnicity social sanctions & social...

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