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MEND - MEND Source Mass The Movement for the Emancipation...

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MEND Source: Mass The Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta Can be used as an example of a “cult” that fights for the ownership rights of oil. Communities in Niger Delta, which is where most of Nigeria’s oil was found, have received little payment of oil extraction causing a process of national breakdown. It first started with peaceful protests but with the state repression accelerated to militias fighting the military. Militias turned into gangs of Nigerians knows as cults causing more friction due to their competition against one another and turning a demand for justice into greed and corruption. Dutch Disease Model (Oil, Islam, and Women)- 1. Definition: Dutch disease is a PATTERN, not a synonym for the oil curse. It is the relationship between the exploitation of oil and the decline in the manufacturing sector. the boom in oil production—the trading sector suffers when there is a commodity boom, the currency depreciates, there are more dollars coming in.
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