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Howard_9 - Even though he was a producer he liked to be...

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REC 216 Howard Ch. 9 1. What does the author mean by DIY? What helped this phenomenon? “DO IT YOURSELF” is a production style which is recording music on a low budget and independently rather than larger, economically friendly labels. This started the punk music in Manchester in the late 70’s. Tony Wilson was a music promoter for underground bands and started a record label and a club called the Factory in Manchester. 2. How does Steve Albini prefer to work? With no gimmicks and post production editing. He likes the way the bands sound as they are live. 3. What is one peculiar desire of Steve Albini?
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Unformatted text preview: Even though he was a producer, he liked to be credited as the engineer or would like to be credited by “recorded by Steve Albini”. 4. Describe the process of Martin Hannett. What is one side effect of development of recording technology? Martin Hannett used the tunnel vision approach which was him making a lot of atmospheric and electronic noise and drum patterns then added guitars over it. He liked his bass and drums to be loud and was hostile in the studio if anyone disagreed with him. One of the side effects was that rock used a lot of the production styles from post rock....
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