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REC 216 Howard Ch. 4 1. Who succeeded Jimmy Miller while recording Exile on Main Street ? Keith Richards 2. Describe the events that lead up the making of Exile. How was this album recorded? Where did the band setup? The Stones were exiled from the States and had tax problems in Britain so they recorded in the basement of Keith Richards’s villa house, Nellocte. The house could not support the electrical currents that their heavy duty equipment required so they set it up to a railroad power line nearby. The basement was also not one large room so the musicians had to record in separate rooms. The final mix and cut was done in Sunset Studios with overdubs added from keyboards, acoustic bass, and a group of female gospel singers. 3. What enable Jimmy Miller to be so creative? What was his background? He was a singer and drummer and signed with Colombia Records. 4. Who played drums on “Honky Tonk Woman”?
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Unformatted text preview: Charlie Watts 5. What sort of sound was Glyn Johns known for? He had an ear for acoustics, and was an expert at placing microphones and amps. He coaxed clean, natural sounding tracks. He liked live sounding recordings but took advantage of some studio effects. He created “phasing” which is the effect of 3 separate tape machines and when applied to a track, they create a rising, shimmering envelope of sound. 6. Which record was his first production break? Children of the Future 7. Which record did Johns say was his best sounding album? Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin in 1969 8. What did Johns have to say about singles? He wasn’t interested in them because a finished album was a complete statement of where the artist is at. 9. What record was noted as the “most influential rock albums ever made?”...
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