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REC Thursday 10/20/11 Standing in the Shadows Studio environment - Garage/ basement. It was underground - Dirt floor - “snake pit” or studio a - Got nicknamed snake pit because of the wires on floor, battles between producers for studio time Process of recording - Instruments were recorded together all in one take together because of the bleed of various instruments of the instruments in all microphones. - Vocals recorded later because they were either on tour and because of the bleed issue
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Unformatted text preview: again-Easier for band to finish a take without the vocals because they might mess up-Singer may not be selected yet for that song Nickname of musicians=> Funk Brothers- attributed to Benny Benjamin(film) and James Jameson(cogan) Hitsville 2 4-track machines Norman whitfield Cogan Colombia reading Production value: Clarity of individual instruments (defined by attacks) Acceptable balance of instruments Use of creative effects In terms of panning, reverb or other ambience...
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