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chapter 14 cases - Issue: Is this contract enforceable? Is...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 14 case Zelnick v Adams Facts: Adams, the mother of Jonathon, hires Zelnick under Jonathon’s name. Jonathon is a minor and he is supposed to receive benefits from his grandfather, according to his grandfathers will. Jonathon disaffirms the contract and claims he doesn’t have to pay the lawyer but Zelnick argues that because his services were a necessity to Adams, his services must be compensated for.
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Unformatted text preview: Issue: Is this contract enforceable? Is Zelnick entitled money for his services? Decision: Jonathon has the right to disaffirm the contract. However, Zelnicks services were a necessity because it was to protect Jonathons legal benefits from his grandfathers will. The court allowed Zelnick to receive compensation for his services from Jonathon but at the market price, which is a lot cheaper than his stated price....
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