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chapter 18 case - year $19,500 salary. Issue: Should Kylap...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 18 case Arrowhead School v Kylap Facts: Arrowhead School is the only school in its district (75) with only 11 full time teachers and a few part time teachers. Kylap was employed as a teacher to teach math, language arts, and physical education. Through his own initiative, he created a sports program and coached the flag football, basketball, and volleyball teams. The school offered Kylap a contract for the next school year with a salary of $20, 500 and liquidated damages of 20% of the contract. On August 12 th , 1998, Kylap told the school he would not be able to teach. The school started classes on August 26 th . At the time the school offered the contract to Kylap, there were 80 applicants for the teaching job. Now, there were only 2. They found a younger, less experienced teacher for a one
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Unformatted text preview: year $19,500 salary. Issue: Should Kylap be liable to pay the 20% liquidated damages to the school. Decision: Yes, because finding a teacher on such short notice is difficult for the school itself. But it is even tougher for the school to find a teacher on a 2 week notice before school starts. They had to go through the trouble of putting together an interview committee and make time to find and interview candidates. Kylap also started sports programs which the school would have to eliminate in his absence. Therefore, with all that being said, a lot was invested for Kylap so a 20% liquidated damages was a reasonable deal for the school....
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