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chapter 18 problems - second batch. Jane however, is...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 18 1. a) Edward is not entitled to anything because Marcia did not know that by them not delivering the sugar, he would lose business. This is because Edward did not make it known. b) He is entitled to the potential profit that he could have made with the special Christmas trade because he let them know that that was the reason for buying that amount of sugar. 2. Daniel does not have to pay the $12,000 for each day of 20 days because the reason why he was 20 days was not his fault. There is no way Daniel could have controlled the strike and the lateness of the material suppliers. 3. Sharon is not entitled to buy the second batch of shirts because Jane has not yet started working on them, therefore did not lose any money at the time she was notified to not make the
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Unformatted text preview: second batch. Jane however, is entitled to nominal damages for breach of contract. 6. The first one because the Infinitesimal Steel Corporation is not readily available at any exchange and is closely held. 7. She cannot because she tried to use the land to gain financially and failed and so with that, she cannot return the land. 8. James is entitled to the amount of money that he serviced to Betty. So if he only did half of the work, then he is entitled to $600. 11. He is not entitled to specific performance because his skilled trade is not unique. 15. They can recover for consequential damages because the radios failure was the reason for the loss of profit for Kerr Steamship Company...
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