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chapter 17 problems

chapter 17 problems - name of the pipes were different...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 17 problems 2. Nancy will prevail because it was impossible for her to build the plant on that land. At the time of the contract, the land was for commercial use but then before the deadline of the deed, the city changed it into a residential zone which made it impossible for anyone to build any building for commercial use. 6. Erwick will win the claim because it was an insubstantial breach. This means that only the
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Unformatted text preview: name of the pipes were different. Other than that, they were identical. 9. She didn’t breach the contract because it was not her choice to get arrested meaning it wasn’t her fault. So she should be able to return to her job and get paid accordingly if she wishes too. 14. He did breach the contract because he didn’t maintain the sign like he said he would. There were spider webs and rust on it clearly showing signs of prolonged abandonment....
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