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chapter 15 problems

chapter 15 problems - company is the proof Dole is not...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 15 problems 1. Rafferty can be sued because of the Main Purpose Clause. The main purpose why he said he would pay for the debt of the company was because of the potential economic benefit that he would have gained. Therefore, the courts will uphold the oral promise to pay Stage Corporation. 2. Because the act could not be performed in one year, there was no contract, therefore, not enforceable. 4. Bell must buy the TV because she put a down payment of $75. If she had no intent to buying the TV, why would she put a down payment down? The court will uphold her oral contract. Ames must buy the TV because she put in a special order; the TV was to be encased in specially designed ebony cabinets. Because there was a special order placed, the court will uphold this contract. Cain breached the contract and his letter to the
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Unformatted text preview: company is the proof. Dole, is not liable because he did not sign the contract. 7. If the total price of the crops is over $500, there is no contract because a written contract must be made for sales over that amount. If it was under $500, there is a contract. 9. Rachel is entitled to rescind the contract because she relied on the false information that the salesman gave her about the car never being in a car accident. The salesman also knew that he was not telling her the truth and knew that this would help seal the sell. 25. The contract is enforceable because it was sent to the company. It is the companies fault for not seeing the contract. There also was an agreement between the two companies....
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