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chapter 13 problems

chapter 13 problems - 9 Either way whatever the price was...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 13 problems 1. Yes it is valid and reasonable. Major companies do these types of agreements all the time where an employee may not use their knowledge of a skilled trade that would potentially disturb the business of the company. So they set a restricted area in which the former employee may not work and for a certain period of time. Since XYZ had business in all of Wisconsin, it is fair that the company ensures he does not work in Wisconsin. 2. Although he was not a licensed attorney in Louisiana, he will not go to jail, but he will not be able to receive the charge for his services because the licensing statute for this is regulatory. 8. Benson can claim that the sale was substantive unconscionability because the price he paid for the utensils was about $1300 more than the actual worth of the utensils.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Either way, whatever the price was, Benson is an 80 year old man and has no need for the use of these utensils. The court will see this and use the public policy issue. The sale was no made in good faith. 10. Yes she can be sued because Barbara, no matter what was written on the contract, cannot be freed of guilt from any negligence. In this case, not maintaining the bicycles properly would be negligent because she rents them out to other people, putting their safety in jeopardy. 21. Shlack shall prevail because the sheer nature of technology should not produce just a long time (12 months) of unemployment with a competing company. Technology is always changing rapidly so 12 months is not reasonable....
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