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Chapter 12 Problems - then there will be consideration. B)...

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James Lee Professor Devience BLW 201 Chapter 12 problems 1. There is no contract between Joyce and Hill. Joyce did not give Hill a consideration to extend the offer to July 1. The $800 consideration was in writing to keep the offer open for acceptance on or before April 1. 4. Keith may recover the $600 dollars from George. The $800 dollars only covered the personal loan that he took out and there was no consideration for the $600 in carpentry service charges. If George sent Keith a check for any amount more than $800, and then cashed in the check, he could not gain any more money from Keith. 7. A) There is no consideration because B raised the price of the goods higher than the contracted price. However, if B compromised and agreed to deliver at an earlier time,
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Unformatted text preview: then there will be consideration. B) There is consideration because C has made a deal in which he must receive his money within the one year extension. In return, C is giving A and B a one year extension on the payment. C) No because the past services rendered to A from B required no return of consideration. 8. Barbara is bound by her acceptance of the offer. She will not be able to collect the $3000 she is suing Alan for because she accepted his offer and cashed in his check. The agreement was also in writing so there is written proof that Alan made the offer and she accepted by cashing in the check....
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