Levels of Analysis and Realism Part 1

Levels of Analysis and Realism Part 1 - Realism and levels...

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Realism and levels of analysis With both the perspective and the level of analysis, we are making methodological decisions about where we will focus our attention in analyzing international relations. The motive here is to introduce a scientific methodology that can both explain and predict action in the international system through hypothesizing relationships between independent and dependent variables. Because of this scientific approach, we are not necessarily able to examine every single variable – we must pick and choose the ones that we think are most relevant and have the most explanatory and predictive power. Singer: the levels of analysis – the systemic and the national level. This is debate within the discipline as to which is the most appropriate. As Singer outlines, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. The systemic level gives us the most comprehensive picture of the world of international relations. However, the disadvantage here is that it simplifies the differences between
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