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Levels of Analysis part 2 - Leadership. Examines the...

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Levels of Analysis 1. System Structure and process. This level of analysis describes the nature of the international system itself: what characteristics does the system possess and how does this effect the behavior of states? The systemic structural level looks at the characteristics of the system itself and examines how this structure affects the behavior of actors. The systemic process level examines the actual interactions between actors and what impact this has on behavior – thus, for example, do actors engage in trade, how much cooperative behavior exists, etc. 2. Domestic This level of analysis develops theories of state action based on the internal structures of the states involved. Emphasize the decision-making process within a state, the nature of the government (democratic, authoritarian, etc), economic system, role of internal interest groups on the government, national identities within a state. 3. Individual
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Unformatted text preview: Leadership. Examines the personality, psychology, decisions of individual leaders, elites within the society or the behavior of mass publics. This level, for example, might focus on conditions where an individual leader can have a greater impact on decision-making for example, if there are weak institutions and few checks on the leader, as in a dictatorship, the individual leader will have a greater role to play in decision-making. 4. Foreign policy between the system and the domestic the arena wherein decisions about foreign policy are made this level emphasizes the two-level game and is often applied in examining the behavior of democratic states on the one hand, the decision maker must look outward to advancing the interests of the state in the international arena, on the other, must look to domestic constituencies. The decision-makers must seek to please both levels....
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