Liberalism and Idenity 4-Actors

Liberalism and Idenity 4-Actors - Actors 1 The state is not...

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Actors: 1. The state is not the only relevant actor in IR. Non-state actors, such as NGO’s, international institutions, corporations, etc all play a significant role. 2. These actors are not independent, but rather are interdependent. States are tied to one another through economics, politics, culture, etc. A state cannot act autonomously in the system without directly impacting another state and itself. 3. The multiplicity of actors within the system allows for the possibility of multiple channels of communication between actors. We are not only dealing with state to state diplomacy. Non-state actors have a role here as well (NGO’s, IGO’s, MNC’s and other non-state actors). This also brings into play other levels of analysis, especially the domestic level. Thus, for example, and international NGO can interact with a domestic level actor – an interest group or even a segment of the population, which can influence the behavior of states. Interests:
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