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liberalism-the interwar years

liberalism-the interwar years - Managing Insecurity...

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Managing Insecurity: Liberalism and the interwar years Liberalism will focus primarily on the possibilities of cooperation through international institutions – development of increasing interactions between states through these institutions, trade, and other forms of exchange. Two basic premises for liberals and managing insecurity: 1. Create interdependent ties between states 2. Back up these ties through the use of international institutions. Wilson’s 14 Points: one of the founding documents of the liberal perspective’s analysis of international relations. A response to the problems of the balance of power system of 19 th century Europe. Wilson essentially rejected the power politics of the European states (and, in essence, a realist perspective on IR) and promoted a more cooperative approach. Among the main points that Wilson proposed were lowering trade barriers, open diplomacy, disarmament, freedom of the seas, settlement of colonial claims, and the
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