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ArtID Artist Title Date Acquired Category Condition Location 1Mogan Red Rock Mountain 3/19/2008 Painting Excellent East Pavilion $18,000 2Novarre Offerings 10/16/2008 Painting Excellent East Pavilion $10,000 3Chico Spring Flowers 7/20/2007 Sculpture Excellent East Pavilion $2,400 4Roman Seeking Shelter 8/8/2008 Sculpture Excellent Courtyard $52,000 5DiGrigoro The Hang 7/16/2007 Painting Excellent East Pavilion $8,000 6Ibe House Remembered 8/16/2007 Sculpture Good East Pavilion $700 7Zischke Homage to the Ancestors 12/17/2007 Textile Excellent
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Unformatted text preview: East Pavilion $1,200 8Gilhooly End of the Path 9/16/2007 Sculpture Excellent East Pavilion $1,900 9Guys Amen 7/13/2006 Sculpture Excellent East Pavilion $3,000 10Swartz Untitled (land with adobe) 11/8/2010 Sculpture Excellent East Pavilion $800 11Dill Eve 1/16/2007 Sculpture Excellent East Pavilion $975 12Udinotti Man on Horseback 2/10/2010 Painting Good East Pavilion $8,000 13Aserty Superstitions 3/10/2012 Painting Excellent Courtyard $78,000 Appraised Value...
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