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ArtID Artist Title Date Acquired Category Condition Location Appraised Value 77 Bindner Bull Riding 9/10/2007 Painting Poor East Pavilion $5,200 81 Colvin Coming Under Fire 12/17/2007 Sculpture Poor West Pavilion $650 52 Curtis American Rodeo 5/15/2007 Painting Poor East Pavilion $3,500 105 Statom
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Unformatted text preview: Untitled 8/14/2010 Sculpture Poor East Pavilion $1,800 76 Wright Ride the Bronco 10/15/2012 Sculpture Poor East Pavilion $1,500 Total Err:508 Err:508 Excel Table including Total Row, with filter and sort options applied (column f and column b)...
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