bodyfatstandards-adults - Moderately High: It is likely...

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Standards for Body Composition for Adult Males and Females Very Low Low Optimal Range Moderately High High Men Under 30 <6% 6-10 11-21 22-28 >28% 30 – 39 <7% 7-11 12-22 23-29 >29% 40 – 49 <8% 8-12 13-23 24-30 >30% Over 49 <9% 9-13 14-24 25-31 >31% Women Under 30 <12% 12-14 15-25 26-32 >32% 30 – 39 <13% 13-15 16-26 27-33 >33% 40 – 49 <14% 14-16 17-27 28-34 >34% Over 49 <15% 15-17 18-28 29-35 >35%
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What does the classifications for body composition mean? High: Percent body fat at this level indicates the person is seriously overweight to a degree that this can have serious health consequences. The person should be encouraged to lose weight. Maintaining weight at this level for a long period of time places the person at risk of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. A long-term weight loss and exercise program should be initiated.
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Unformatted text preview: Moderately High: It is likely that the person is significantly overweight, but it could be due in part to measurement error. It would be wise to carefully monitor people in this category and encourage them not to gain additional weight. Optimal Range: It would be highly desirable to maintain body composition at this level. Low: This would be a desirable body composition level, but there is no reason to seek a lower percent body fat level. Loss of additional body weight could have health consequences. Very Low: Percent fat levels at this range should only be reached by high-level endurance athletes who are in training. There may also be a significant effect due to measurement error. Being this thin can carry additional risk of mortality....
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bodyfatstandards-adults - Moderately High: It is likely...

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