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Unformatted text preview: Pre-test Instructions for Comprehensive Fitness Testing Before you participate in any health and fitness assessments, you need to first be made aware of what to expect, what to do before the assessments, and what to wear to the assessments. Explicit instructions for participants before exercising testing increase test validity and data accuracy. What to expect? When you arrive, you will be introduced to a staff member, any questions that you may have will be answered, and you will be asked to complete several forms, including one pertaining to your medical health history. Then, your resting blood pressure and heart rate will be recorded. If you have no further questions, then you will be taken through a battery of tests to evaluate your body composition, cardiovascular health, and muscular fitness. For the remainder of the visit, you will sit down with a qualified staff member to discuss your results, any health risks that you have, and...
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Pre-test+Instructions+revised-1 - Pre-test Instructions for...

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