Binomial table

Binomial table - fair coin? Because the proportion of...

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Binomial table Because probabilities of binomial variables are so common in statistics, tables are used to alleviate  having to continually use the formula. Refer to Table 1 in "Statistics Tables," and you will find that  given  n =  10,  x =  5, and   = 0.5, the probability is 0.2461.  π Mean and standard deviation The mean of the binomial probability distribution is determined by the following formula:  μ =  n   π where   is the proportion of favorable outcomes and  π n  is the number of events.  The standard deviation of the binomial probability distribution is determined by this formula:  Example 2 What is the mean and standard deviation for a binomial probability distribution for ten coin flips of a 
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Unformatted text preview: fair coin? Because the proportion of favorable outcomes of a fair coin falling heads (or tails) is = 0.5, simply π substitute into the formulas: The probability distribution for the number of favorable outcomes is shown in Figure 1. Note that this distribution appears to display symmetry. Only a binomial distribution with = 0.5 will π be truly symmetric. All other binomial distribution will be skewed. Figure 1. The binomial probability distribution of the number of heads resulting from ten coin tosses....
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Binomial table - fair coin? Because the proportion of...

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