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Box Plot (Box-and-Whiskers) Box plots,  sometimes called  box-and-whiskers,  take the stem-and-leaf one step further. A box plot  will display a number of values of a distribution of numbers:  The median value The lower quartile (  Q 1 The upper quartile (  Q 3 The interquartile range (  IQR),  the distance between the lower and upper quartiles 
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Unformatted text preview: • The symmetry of the distribution • The highest and lowest values Use the set of values in Table 1 to examine each of the preceding items. Table 1. Verbal SAT Scores of 20 High School Students 280 340 440 490 520 540 560 560 580 580 600 610 630 650 660 680 710 730 740 740...
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