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Example 1 Assuming an equal chance of a new baby being a boy or a girl (that is,   = 0.5), what is the π   likelihood that more than 60 out of the next 100 births at a local hospital will be boys? According to Table , a  z -score of 2 corresponds to a probability of 0.9772. As you can see in Figure  2, there is a 0.9772 chance that there will be 60 percent or fewer boys, which means that the 
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Unformatted text preview: probability that there will be more than 60 percent boys is 1 – 0.9772 = 0.0228, or just over 2 percent. If the assumption that the chance of a new baby being a girl is the same as it being a boy is correct, the probability of obtaining 60 or fewer girls in the next 100 births is also 0.9772. Figure 2. Finding a probability using a z-score on the normal curve....
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