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Measures of Variability

Measures of Variability - significant difference between...

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Measures of Variability Measures of central tendency locate only the center of a distribution of measures. Other measures  often are needed to describe data. For example, consider the two sets of numbers presented in Table 1.  Table 1. Earnings of Two Employees Daily Earnings of Employee A Daily Earnings of Employee B $200 $200 $210 $20 $190 $400 $201 $0 $199 $390 $195 $10 $205 $200 $200 $380 The mean, the median, and the mode of each employee's daily earnings all equal $200. Yet, there is 
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Unformatted text preview: significant difference between the two sets of numbers. For example, the daily earnings of Employee A are much more consistent than those of Employee B, which show great variation. This example illustrates the need for measures of variation or spread....
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