Probability Distributions

Probability Distributions - graphically. Table 1. Possible...

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Probability Distributions probability distribution  is a pictorial display of the probability—  P x ) —for any value of  x Consider the number of possible outcomes of two coins being flipped (see Table 1). Table 2 shows  the probability distribution of the results of flipping two coins. Figure 1 displays this information 
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Unformatted text preview: graphically. Table 1. Possible Outcomes of Two Flipped Coins Head + head = 2 heads Head + tail = 1 head Tail + head = 1 head Tail + tail = 0 heads Table 2. Probability Distribution: Number of Heads x P(x) , or 0.25 1 , or 0.50 2 , or 0.25 Figure 1. Probability distribution of the results of flipping two coins....
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