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Sampling Distributions

Sampling Distributions - available to be selected again...

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Sampling Distributions Continuing with the earlier example, suppose that ten different samples of 100 people were drawn  from the population, instead of just one. You would not expect the income means of these ten  samples to be exactly the same, because of  sampling variability  (the tendency of the same statistic  computed from a number of random samples drawn from the same population to differ).  Suppose that the first sample of 100 magazine subscribers was “returned” to the population (made 
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Unformatted text preview: available to be selected again), another sample of 100 subscribers was selected at random, and the mean income of the new sample was computed. If this process were repeated ten times, it might yield the following sample means: 27,500 27,192 28,736 26,454 28,527 28,407 27,592 27,684 28,827 27,809...
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