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Thus far, you have used the test statistic  z  and the table of standard normal probabilities (Table 2 in  "Statistics Tables") to carry out your tests. There are other test statistics and other probability  distributions. The general formula for computing a test statistic for making an inference about a  single population is  where  observed sample statistic  is the statistic of interest from the sample (usually the mean),  hypothesized value  is the hypothesized population parameter (again, usually the mean), and  standard error  is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution divided by the positive square 
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Unformatted text preview: root of n . The general formula for computing a test statistic for making an inference about a difference between two populations is where statistic 1 and statistic 2 are the statistics from the two samples (usually the means) to be compared, hypothesized value is the hypothesized difference between the two population parameters (0 if testing for equal values), and standard error is the standard error of the sampling distribution, whose formula varies according to the type of problem....
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