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Key Terms and Concepts from Text for Exam 1 & Quiz 1 Chpt 1: History, theory, and research strategies A scientific, applied, & interdisciplinary field (p. 3) Basic issues (p. 3) Developmental science Continuous Discontinuous Stages Contexts Nature-nurture controversy The lifespan perspective: a balanced point of view (p. 5) Lifespan perspective Resilience Scientific beginnings (p. 11) Mid-twentieth-century theories (p. 12) Psychosocial theory Behaviorism Social learning theory Behavior modification Cognitive-developmental theory Recent theoretical perspectives (p. 17) Information processing Ethology Sensitive period Evolutionary developmental psychology Sociocultural theory Ecological system theory Comparing theories (p. 21) Studying development (p. 22) Ethics in lifespan research (p. 31) Chpt 2: Biological and Environmental foundations Genetic foundations (p. 36) Chromosomes DNA Gene Sex chromosomes Dizygotic twins Monozygotic twins
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Unformatted text preview: Polygenic inheritance Down syndrome Reproductive choices (p. 41) Genetic counseling Environmental contexts for development (p. 45) Socioeconomic status Collectivist societies Individualistic societies Public policies Understanding the relationship between heredity and environment (p. 53) Heritability estimates Range of reaction Genetic-environmental correlation Passive, evocative, & active correlations Niche-picking Epigenesis Chpt 3: Newborn development, birth, and the newborn baby Prenatal development (p. 61) Zygote Implantation Embryo Fetus Age of viability Prenatal environmental influences (p. 66) Teratogen Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Childbirth (p. 74) Approaches to childbirth (p. 75) Medical intervention (p. 77) Cesarian delivery Preterm and low-birth-weight infants (p. 78) Preterm Birth complication, parenting, and resilience (p. 80) Infant mortality The newborn baby’s capacities (p. 80)...
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