review2 - Chapter 1 Developmental science- a field of study...

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Chapter 1 Developmental science- a field of study devoted to understanding constancy and change throughout the lifespan Continuous- a process of gradually augmenting the same types of skills that were there to begin with discontinuous- a process in which new ways of understanding and responding to the world emerge at specific times Stages- qualitative changes in thinking, feeling and behaving that characterize specific periods of development Contexts- unique combinations of personal and environmental circumstances that can result in different paths for change Nature- inborn biological givens, heredity information we receive from our parents at the moment of conception Nurture- the complex forces of the physical and social world that influence our biological makeup and psychological experiences before and after birth Lifespan perspective- 4 assumptions make up this broader view: that development is 1. lifelong, 2. multidimensional 3. multidirectional 4. affected by multiple interacting forces Resilience- the ability to adapt effectively in the face of threats to development Psychosocial theory- Erikson emphasized that in addition to mediating between id im- pulses and superego demands, the ego makes a positive contribution to development, acquiring an active contributing member of society. Behaviorism- (watson) directly observable events- stimuli and responses- are the appro- priate focus of study Social learning theory- Bandura emphasizes modeling, also known as imitation or ob-
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review2 - Chapter 1 Developmental science- a field of study...

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