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Exam3 study guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Key Terms, Concepts,...

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Key Terms, Concepts, and Questions from the Text Chapter 9: Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Body growth (p. 225) Health issues (p. 225) Obesity Describe the causes and consequences of serious nutritional problems in middle childhood, giving special attention to obesity. Motor development and play (p. 228) Cite major changes in motor development and play during middle childhood, including sex differences and the importance of physical education. Piaget’s theory: the concrete operational stage (p. 232) Concrete operational stage Reversibility Cognitive maps Describe major characteristics of concrete operational thought. Discuss follow-up research on concrete operational thought, noting the importance of culture and schooling. Information processing (p. 235) Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Cognitive self-regulation Cite basic changes in information processing and describe the development of attention and memory in middle childhood. Describe the school-age child’s theory of mind, noting the importance of mental inferences and understanding of false belief and capacity to engage in self-regulation. Individual differences in mental development (p. 239) Triarchic theory of successful intelligence Theory of multiple intelligences Stereotype threat Describe major approaches to defining and measuring intelligence. Summarize Sternberg’s triarchic theory and Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, noting how these theories explain the limitations of current intelligence tests in assessing the diversity of human intelligence. Describe evidence indicating that both heredity and environment contribute to intelligence. Language development (p. 246) Describe changes in school-age children’s vocabulary, grammar, and pragmatics, and cite advantages of bilingualism. Learning in school (p. 248)
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Exam3 study guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Key Terms, Concepts,...

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