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Introduction to Microeconomics - Spring 2010 Prof. Rubin This assignment is worth 15 points. It is due in class on Monday May 3; I will only accept assignments in class; no emails will be accepted. It must be typed using a 12 point font. (I will not accept any handwritten assignments.) Double space everything . You must limit your written response to one page though the graph that I ask you to draw below should be on a separate piece of paper. Put your name and Student ID on the top left hand side of the first page. Go to the following web site and read about the Lorenz Curve and the Gini Coefficient. http://www.econweb.com/texts/current/Mansions/inequality-measure.html The Lorenz Curve is a way to depict the distribution of income and the Gini Coefficient (Gini Index) is a measure of the extent of inequality. Mankiw does not include these concepts in his book but I think it is important that you become familiar with these terms and with some sense of the historical trends in inequality. (You might find it helpful to
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