criminal justice - person fleeing, but unplanned. What make...

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Two officers approched a group of men late at night, however the men fled in an instant. In order to catch the perpetraitors, one of the officers shot one of them down, but before comiting this act, the other officer announced on the radio that they were about to be assaulted if no action was taken, however this was mentioned so both of them covered their true reason of using force. The result of this action led to the murder of Barry Deloatch, a security officer/maintanance staff at a highschool who was unarmed at the time of his death. Officer Brad Bardel (shooter) will be investigated to see which degree of murder he will face. most likely second degree murder since it was intentional of stopping the
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Unformatted text preview: person fleeing, but unplanned. What make its worse is that both Officer Brad and his partner Dan Mazan have previous allegations of using excessive force mainly toward blacks and latinos, turning this into a hate crime. To this fellow officer, the criminal jusitce system does not seem to be for everyone due to not ensuring fair treament to all. Hopefullly this investigation will ensure the officer did in fact shott without hesitation. Turns out that some still have the belief of atorism since this officer uses force towards minorities. Source of article: l...
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criminal justice - person fleeing, but unplanned. What make...

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