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Zion Kim HR/Operations Plan For the fundamental processes of the website we would need to find capable writers that are affiliated with Rutgers University. Since the website was established to help other Rutgers students based on one's own experiences it is important to validate one's connection with the university. After the writers, there needs to be a person that maintains various operations of the website from bug fixes to updates on plugins to keep the website running smoothly. The website runs on the Wordpress platform making it simple for anyone to maintain their own blog. For our purposes, we felt the extensions of the website allowed by various plugins, made Wordpress an easy choice. Because the website is hosted is currently hosted by Servint, there is no need to maintain our own servers and perform regular maintenance. The website relies on their experienced staff to ensure the website is maximizing its performance. Finally, we need to grow our marketing team because the site relies heavily on various social media platforms and will soon venture into different marketing techniques such as flyering. The team members should be all Rutgers students with a general background in the online sphere. Although more experience would be needed for members of the marketing, we believe that writing styles and abilities can be adapted to be used for the website's purposes. We will utilize our social media network on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr in order to seek the members we need. We will entice students by providing valuable resume experience that can be used in various industries after their college careers. We will develop the website in the future by hiring a team of freelance coders to work on different aspects of the website. Because the website serves as our main distribution channel for our services it is important to keep the website updated to better serve the needs of our audience. The founding team members play valuable roles in the growth of the website. Along with my partner, we developed most of the content on our website in order to frame our voice in the online world and the style that we approach different topics. I have focused on building our networks on Facebook in order to distribute our content online. For this reason, most of our distribution is done by using various social media platforms. I have created various communities where students can interact and organized the groups by the class, such as the class of 2015, and Facebook pages for all five campuses. When writing any article, we make sure that there are at least two people reviewing the written piece in case there were perspectives that were missed or any ambiguities that need to be addressed. If there is anything in the article that needs to be questioned, there is a great probability that a student would react in a similar manner. Every article is viewed by the editor in chief as well as
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HR-ops-plan-Zion Kim - Zion Kim HR/Operations Plan For the...

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