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Marketing Plan - The targeted customers of the website are...

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The targeted customers of the website are focusing on various needs of the Rutgers student body. When the website first launched it was primarily targeted to the incoming class as well as transfer students. Transitioning from high school to life at the University is difficult for many students because there aren’t many resources walking students through the various tools they will need to access in order to have a successful career as a Rutgers student. The need for the content was gauged based on the conversations that were taking place on the Class of 2015 Facebook page, “Accepted: Official Rutgers University Class of 2015”, ( ). The needs of the students were being expressed on a daily basis by the students that needed the help the most. The website was used as a means to answer the same questions and present the information to a larger audience. Simply put, the content followed the needs of the students when the information was relatable to the student at the time and when they needed help with the circumstances at hand. For example, the first few posts on the website dealt with the new student orientation. Content surrounding the new student orientation included what to expect through the posting of the schedule as well as convincing students of the value they would receive from the actual experience. Because of the nature of the issues students face throughout their university career
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Marketing Plan - The targeted customers of the website are...

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