MBTI+Short+Form_ - Myers-Briggs Short Form1 For each item,...

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Myers-Briggs Short Form 1 For each item, select either a or b. If you feel both a and b are true, decide which one is more like you, even if it is only slightly more true. 1. I would rather a. Solve a new and complicated problem b. Work on something I have done before 2. I like to a. Work alone in a quiet place b. Be where the action is 3. I want a boss who a. Establishes and applies criteria in decisions b. Considers individual needs and makes exceptions. 4. When I work on a project I a. Like to finish it and get some closure b. Often leave it open for possible changes. 5. When making a decision, the most important considerations are a. Rational thoughts, ideas and data b. People’s feelings and values 6. On a project, I tend to a. Think it over and over before deciding how to proceed. b. Start working on it right away, thinking about it as I go along. 7. When working on a project, I a. Maintain as much control as possible b. Explore various options 1 Source: D. Marcic and P. Nutt “Personality Inventory,” in D. Marcic, ed., Organizational Behavior: Experiences and Cases (St. Paul MN: West 1989). Cited in Paula Caprioni, The Practical Coach (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2001), pages 55-57. 8. In my work, I prefer to a. Work on several projects at one time, and earn as much as possible about each one. b.
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MBTI+Short+Form_ - Myers-Briggs Short Form1 For each item,...

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