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American Studies Department Rutgers—The Sate University Study Guide: “American Werewolf” 1. On their way to a fish fry, what did Mr. and Mrs. Paglioaronis think they saw as they were crossing a bridge? How did they describe the creature? What did they say it did? 2. Wildlife expert Dr. Greg Bambenek and hunting guide Don Young teamed up for a search for the dog man in Wisconsin. What equipment did they assemble for their investigation? 3. . In the summer of 2003, Katie Zahn and some friends were walking through these woods in Rock County. At the edge of a creek she saw three wolf-like creatures drinking water. She said, “"They would have been kneeling down on the side of the river here," she remembered.”They picked up the water in their hands and drank it like a human instead of licking it and lapping it like a dog would. They stood up, turned around and we got terrified. We ran back, we're falling up the hill to get back to our car." What were the
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