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American Studies Department Rutgers—The State University Study Guide: “Bigfoot” 1. What is Bigfoot’s signficance? Where is its epicenter? 2. How is Bigfoot described physically? 3. What discovery was made in Bluff Creek, California, in 1958? 4. Who is Rodger Patterson? Whad did he do in 1967? 5. Christopher L. Murphy, Bigfoot researcher and historian, raises a question: Could the Rodger Patterson film simply be a man in a monkey suit? What does Cryptozoologist John Kirk say about the credibility of people who have stepped forward to claim that they were the one in the monkey suit? 6. The Skookum Expedition took place at Skookum Meadows in the year 2000, near Mount St. Helens in Washington State. What is the signficance of the “Skookum Cast”? 7. Paul Kane was exploring the area in the vicinity of the Kattlepoutal River in what is now Washington State in the mid-19 th century. On March 26, 1847, what was he told by the Native Americans about a legendary creature in the area?
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6. Dr. Daris Swindler, a primatologist at the University of Washington, compared the
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Study+Guide%2C+Bigfoot - American Studies Department...

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