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American Studies Department American Folklore 01:050:263 Study Guide: “Bound for Glory” 1976 Hal Ashby Director of the Film Ronny Cox Ozark Bule, Union Organizer Melinda Dillon Mary Guthrie, Woody’s Wife Gail Strickland Pauline, Wealthy Woman John Lehne Mr. Locke, Radio Station Manager Ji-Tu Cumbuka Slim Snedger, Hobo on Train Randy Quaid Luther Johnson, Migrant Worker Elizabeth Macey Liz, Johnson’s Wife 1. How does Woody Guthrie gain a reputation as a fortune teller in Pampa, Texas, in 1936? 2. What problems does Woody Guthrie encounter in trying to make a living as a sign
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Unformatted text preview: painter in dust-devastated Texas? 3. How is Woody Guthrie portrayed in the film as kind and helpful to his neighbors? 4. What problems does Woody Guthrie encounter in his travels from Texas to California? 5. What horrors does Woody Guthrie witness in the migrant worker valleys of California? 6. What conflicts trip up Wood Guthrie’s initial radio career in California? 7. How does the film illustrate Woody Guthrie’s commitment to political activism? 8. Why do you suppose Woody Guthrie finally decides to strike out for New York?...
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