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American Studies Department Rutgers—The State University Study Guide: “Chupacabra” 1. Where did the chupacabra allegedly originate? Where did it apparently migrate? How does the word “chupacabra” translate into English? 2. Eyewitness Phylis Canion reported the loss of some of her chickens at Cuero, Texas, in 2007. What was unusual about these predatory attacks? 3. Eyewitness Derin McAnally of Pollock, Texas, believes that he shot a chupacabra in 2005. What did the photographs show? 4. How did Joe Conger, a reporter for KENS-TV in San Antonio, describe the appearance of the chupacabra? Its behavior? 5. According to wildlife expert Gustavo Rodriguez, what took place in Puerto Rico in 1995? 6. How did the creatures described to Hommy Vasquez, Field Operations Supervisor for Canovanas Emergency Management, differ from the Texas sightings? 7. Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard visited Derin McAnally to study the bones of the alleged chupacabra. What two unusual features did he discover?
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Study+Guide%2C+Chupacabra%2C+Revised - American Studies...

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