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American Folklor American Studies 01:050:263 Rutgers, The State University Study Guide: “Crossroads” (1986) Walter Hill Director Ralph Macchio Eugene Martone Joe Seneca Willie Brown Jami Gertz Frances Robert Judd Scratch 1. According to legend, how did Robert Johnson become the greatest blues player ever? How many songs was he said to have recorded? 2. According to the screenplay, Eugene Martone is a prodigy classical guitarist at the prestigious Julliard School of Music in New York City. But as blues fan, what is he searching for? 3. Blind Dog Fulton is holed up in a nursing home under his real name of Willie Brown. Why does Eugene Martone seek him out? 4. Willie Brown is an incredibly angry, cantankerous old man. Why does he quell his hostility towards Eugene? What deal do the two make? 5. Years earlier, Willie Brown had made a deal with Legba, or his assistant Scratch. Why is Willie now unhappy with the way the deal turned out?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. After Eugene closed one of his recitals with a blues riff, his teacher tells Eugene that “Mastery of primitive music is cultural.” What is the real meaning of this advice? 7. Eugene strikes up a romance with a tough young runaway named Frances. Why does she leave one morning without saying goodbye? 8. At one point, the bartender turns on Frances for lifting a man’s wallet. He tells her that he may have deserved it, but he has a wife and kids to support. What do you suppose goes through her mind? What does she decide to do? 9. How does Willie Brown console Eugene Martone, broken-hearted over Frances’s leaving? What advice does Willie give Eugene? 10. The film borrows from countless movies in which everything depends on who wins the big fight, match, game, or duel in the last scene. Describe the dueling guitar match. What are the stakes here?...
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