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American Studies Department Rutgers—The State University Study Guide, Fairy Tale 1. What is Polly Wright mourning? 2. Frances is Elsie’s cousin who comes to live with the family. Where is Frances’s father? 3. What group does Polly become interested in while looking to learn about the afterlife? 4. What do Frances and Elsie encounter while playing in a brook? 5. Whot does Elsie do to cheer up Polly? 6. Polly brings the photos to the Theosophical Society. What is the society’s opion of
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Unformatted text preview: the photos? 7. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini visit the home of the Wrights. What is each man’s purpose for the visit? 8. Elsie and Frances produce two new photos for Doyle. What does Doyle do with these new photos? 9. The girls feel bad for all the attention they have brought to the fairies and give them a gift as an apology. What did they give to the fairies? 10. The girls become celebrities in London, and once again meet Houdini. What does Houdini tell them?...
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