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American Folklore American Studies 01:050:263 Rutgers, The State University Study Guide: “Hansel and Gretel” (1982) 1. What plan does the woodcutter’s wife come up with in order to fend off starvation for her husband and herself? 2. Why does the husband submit to his wife’s schemes? How do the children learn of the plan? What does Hansel do to thwart the plan? 3. The forest is a recurrent image in German folk tales. According to psychology and literary criticism, what might the forest represent? 4. Cats are traditinally associated with the feminine.
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Unformatted text preview: What might the cat on the roof represent? 5. What happens when Hansel substitutes breadcrumbs for pebbles? Where does the beautiful white pigeon lead them? 6. How does the witch lure the children inside her house? What does the witch to with Hansel? With Gretel? How does Hansel deceive the witch? 7. How does the witch meet her demise? What happens to the other children? How does the father receive his children? What happens to the stepmother?...
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