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Rutgers—The State University Study Guide: “Devils in New Jersey” 2008 1. According to the legend, how would you describe the physical features of the Jersey Devil? 2. What were the circumstances of Joseph Bonaparte’s sighting of the Jersey Devil? 3. According to Professor Gillespie, what lends weight to the credibility of reported sightings of the Jersey Devil in South Jersey? 4. How many reported sightings have there been of the Jersey Devil in the last twenty years? 5. Laurie Winkelman and her son reported seeing a strange creature at night in January of 2004 outside their home near the Wharton State Forest. What physical clues were left behind by the creature? 6. What evaluation of the clues provided in the photographs was provided by the local expert hunter? By regional wildlife experts? By the Egg Harbor Police? 7. What methods were employed in the Jersey Devil investigation conducted by retired NYPD Detective Mitch Parker? 8. What methods are employed in Jersey Devil investigations conducted by Laura K.
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Study+Guide%2C+Jersey+Devil - American Studies Department...

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