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American Folklore American Studies 01:050:263 Rutgers, The State University Study Guide: “John Henry” (2005) “On the night John Henry was bron, lighning bolts shaped like nine-pound hammers filled the sky,” and from that day on, John Henry became a legend. Actor Danny Glover stars as John Henry. Joining him is Tom Hulce as Quinn, the Irish servant said to have been raised on the same plantation as John Henry. 1. According to this dramatization, John Henry went to work for which railroad company in West Virginia? Which tunnel was the crew working on? 2. Characterize the personality of Spike Wade, John Henry’s rival for the affections of Polly Ann? 3. How did John Henry persuade Mr. Jenkins to give him a job? Who else needed a job at this time? 4. What device did John Henry resort to in order to get the attentin of Polly Ann? What plans did the couple make for the future?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Explain the accident that resulted in the paralysis of Jim Wallace. How did John Henry help him and his wife? 6. Mr. Jenkins said that the steam drill could replace ten men at the workplace. Why did Edna say that it was a good idea? 7. John Henry speaks to the inanimate steam drill, a literary device known as apostrophe. What did John Henry say to the steam drill? 8. What does Mr. Jenkins offer John Henry to try to persuade him to abandon the contest with the steam drill? 9. What were the final measurements at the end of the contest? John Henry was said to have worn out how many hammers? 10. Etiology is the study or causation, or origination. It is used tgo refer to the study of why things occur. What was the etiological legend concerning the waterfall at the mountain where the tunnel was being bored?...
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