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American Folklore American Studies 01:050:263 Rutgers, The State University Study Guide: “Nashville” (1975) Director Robert Altman Lady Pearl Barbara Baxley Delbert Reese Ned Beatty Karen Black Connie White Ronee Blakley Barbara Jean Tommy Brown Timothy Brown Tom Frank Keith Carradine Opal Geraldine Chaplin L.A. Joan Shelley Duval Barnett Allen Garfield Haven Hamilton Henry Givson Pfc. Glenn Kelly Scott Glenn Albuquerque Barbara Harris John Triplette Michael Murphy Linnea Reese Lily Tomlin Sueleen Gay Gwen Welles 1. The film has more than two dozen songs, taking up one-third of the running time. How does the film use music to define character? To set a mood? Do the songs advance the plot in the way a stage musical does? 2. Do you think that the director intends to lampoon country music? Does he celebrate it? Or does he do both? Explain your answer with examples. 3. The film takes place in the days preceding the Tennessee presidential primary. A maverick candidate, Hal Philip Walker of the Replacement Party, has taken the country
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Study+Guide%2C+Nashville - American Folklore American...

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