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Rutgers—The State University Study Guide: “Sasquatch Attack” 1. According to traditional accounts, how is Sasquatch described in terms of height, weight, anatomy, and manner of walking? 2. J.W. Burns, a schoolteacher in British Columbia, is said to be the one who coined the term “Sasquatch.” What did he conclude from his encounters with various Indian tribes? . 3. In 1811 David Thompson was exploring the Canadian interior, looking for a passage between the Hudson Bay and the Columbia River. What evidence for the Sasquatch did he discover? 4. What damage did Chuck Mosbeck suffer to his his Snelgrove Lodge in 2002? Why might such damage be attributed to a Sasquatch? 5. Joe Frascella went on a fishing trip at Snelgrove Lake in Ontario in 2003. What interaction did he report with a Sasquatch? 6. Dr. Lynn Rogers studied the damage done to the Snelgrove Lodge by an unknown intruder. What did he find baffling about the situation? 7. According to cryptozoologist Tom Steenburg, what is it about the Canadian wilderness
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Study+Guide%2C+Sasquatch+Attack - American Studies...

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