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American Folklore Rutgers University Study Guide: “Voodoo Secrets” 2005 1. How is Voodoo misunderstood by most Americans, according to Voodoo Priestess Mambo Racine Sans Bout? 2. How did Voodoo become demonized by American popular culture? 3. According to Martine DeSouza, how far back can we trace the history of Voodoo? 4. What four countries border Benin, a tiny West African nation? 5. According to Janvier Houlonon, a Trans Africa Cultural Consultant, what benefits does the earth spirit Sak Pata provide for the 3,000 residents of the remote village of Vedgi? 6. How does animal sacrifice please the spirits? What four liquids are typically offered to the sprits? 7. According to Voodoo initiate Kpokame Kinnouwa, for whom is the blood consumed by the women in the state of spiritual possession? 8. According to Voodoo initiate Avadji Colettin, who is actually doing the dancing performed in rituals? 9. Consider the rituals performed in the remote village of Savalou.
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Study+Guide%2C+Secrets+of+Voodoo - American Folklore...

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